Press Release

The contract of EUR spa entrusted to Acea Infrastructure

Acea Infrastructure, the design, laboratory and engineering services company of the Acea Group, will be responsible for the analysis and monitoring of the waters of the artificial lake, located in the Roman district of Eur.

The intervention is part of the broader project of rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Central Lake Park and will cover all the activities of analysis, evaluation of the chemical-biological and hydro-morphological framework of the waters of the small water basin, designed in 1936 for theUniversal Exhibition of 1942, but only carried out after the second world war.

This is the first step of a project, financed and carried out by Eur spa, which aims to make the lake swimmable on the model of the Idroscalo in Milan or the Badeschiff in Berlin.

Acea Infrastructure, 100% controlled by the Acea Group, leader in the water sector in Italy with almost ten million inhabitants served, will carry out, through the use of the most advanced monitoring and analysis technologies, all the activities necessary to evaluate the quality and parameters of the lake waters and those coming from the Cecchignola wells that feed the basin, as well as bathymetric analyses to identify the height of the sediments accumulated on the bottom of the lake and hydrodynamic and chemical-physical analyses to evaluate the replacement time of the basin waters.

All the data collected will then be used by Eur spa to evaluate the most effective interventions both to improve water quality and to maintain its "health" status.


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