Press Release

The final training session for marathon runners participating in the event on Sunday, 17 March is scheduled for Saturday at EUR, Rome.

The "Get Ready", the collective training sessions with free participation, has reached its final date for the Acea Run Rome The Marathon on Sunday, March 17, with water as the main theme! The 5th preparation event for marathon runners and novices approaching the race will take place tomorrow at EUR.

The event will be attended by Marathon Ambassador Franca Fiacconi- former winner of the Rome and New York marathons- ultramarathon runner Giorgio Calcaterra and nutritionist Francesco Fagnani, who will give useful advice on the importance of hydration in athletic preparation and on the correct use of water. And thanks to the Acea WaidyWow app, athletes and tourists alike can locate water spots, fountains and “nasoni” to quench their thirst. It is a "water and environment friendly" application, developed by a team within the Acea Group, that geolocalises water points in the area. It is water that inspires the message that Acea Run Rome The Marathon 2024 wants to send to everyone: #runforwater. Water is an essential resource for life, the environment and our health, so it must be protected and safeguarded through industrial planning.

The “Get Ready” training is free and open to all those who want to participate in the Acea Run Rome The Marathon, the Fun Run, a non-competitive five-kilometer race that starts at the back of the marathon and arrives at the Circus Maximus, or the Acea Run4Rome Relay, the relay marathon for teams of four people. Each “Get Ready” is a real event. It is a big party for the runners, complete with music and giveaways. Tomorrow's training will be the ultimate step in preparing for the marathon, which is only a week away. The run will cover a maximum of 14 km, with options for shorter distances and different paces.


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