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Carried out in collaboration with GME (Manager of the Energy Markets in Italy) and Engineering, it will cover about 70 utilities throughout the Capital for a total capacity of 3,000 kW

The RomeFlex project, developed by Areti, an Acea Group company that manages the electricity grid in Rome, aims to create a complete, advanced and inclusive local flexibility market serving all the capital's users. The flexibility system allows to regulate the amount of electricity fed into the grid to match supply and demand, managing energy flows in terms of production and consumption by individuals or companies to cope with supply shortages or peaks in market demand, thus optimizing the quality of service.

From the first of February, customers in Rome will be able to participate in the flexibility services. Areti has launched the activation program for the utilities that won the first term auction of the Local Flexibility Market, held last November by the GME on behalf of Areti, which has made available flexibility resources for 3,000 kW for the period February-April 2024, divided into different types of utilities (industrial, tertiary, residential). The first user to be activated through the Local Market of Flexibility on the distribution grid of Rome was a 410-kW plant belonging to the RomaTre University. This will be followed by the progressive launch of the service for all the other users, about 70, located in the different districts of the capital's territory.

The RomeFlex project is being carried out with the contribution of Engineering, the company responsible for developing the IT platforms connecting energy distributors and the GME. Siemens, which took care of the systems for analyzing the flexibility needs of the electricity grid, also collaborated on the project. The Local Flexibility Market, organized and managed by the GME, allows DSOs (Distribution System Operators) to procure flexibility services and remunerate them through transparent and non-discriminatory market mechanisms.

 "The launch of flexibility services in Rome is a fundamental first step in Areti's strategy to develop smart power grids capable of interacting with customers, making them more active and participating in the market," said Giulio Carone, CEO of Areti, "This is what we aim to achieve with the RomeFlex Project, involving every type of customer."


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