Press Release

Areti is committed to optimising energy efficiency and reducing waste thanks to technological innovation

As of 31 January 2024, one million new smart meters have been installed on Rome's electricity grid. This was communicated by Areti, a company of the Acea Group that deals with the distribution of electricity in Rome.

The “Rometrix” 2G Smart Meters represent a significant turning point in the way energy consumption is managed and monitored: in fact, this advanced technology allows greater transparency in consumption, as well as the possibility of optimising energy efficiency and reducing waste.

This is an ambitious project carried out by Areti, which not only promotes energy efficiency but also technological innovation in the electricity distribution sector. Through the installation of these Smart Meters, we are increasingly moving towards a sustainable and intelligent city, in line with the vision of the Acea Group which considers the use of energy in a responsible manner as essential, thus contributing to preserving natural resources and creating a healthier environment for future generations.

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