Press Release

In view of the sharp drop in temperatures expected in the next few days, Acea Ato 2 invites once again its customers to protect water meters from freezing using temporary covers, especially in mountain areas.
Protecting the meter is important, so to avoid leaks or water shortages in the winter season. The user regulations provide that the care and maintenance of the meter is the responsibility of the customer.

For this purpose, it is recommended to use insulating materials: the most suitable ones are polystyrene and neoprene or polyurethane in solid state, which effectively isolate the devices from the external environment. Construction waste materials, such as thermal insulation, can be useful as well. Be careful not to use newspapers or cloths which, absorbing water and humidity, might worsen the situation. It is also important to protect the outdoor pipes entering and exiting the meter.
The company also informs that it will activate every preventive measure necessary to deal with sudden drops in temperature, trying to limit any inconvenience as much as possible


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