Press Release

Acea Infrastructure, the ACEA Group company focused on the design of engineering and technological services, has been awarded two tenders in Molise and Puglia for a total of approximately € 2.1 million.

The first tender, announced by the Grim company, which manages the integrated water service in Molise, concerns the design and implementation of all the works for the protection of the territory and the water resource through the reduction of losses in the pipelines, their digitalisation, and the monitoring of networks throughout the regional territory. The project will manage, in fact, the implementation of a new "territorial information system" (SIT) which will be integrated by a remote control system for water distribution with remote reading of consumption. The intervention will cover 98 municipalities out of the 136 of Molise, in which all the old meters will be replaced with last-generation ones, i.e. the so-called smart meters. A district distribution plan for municipal distribution will also be implemented through the installation of flow and pressure meters, and the development of services for the hydraulic modelling of the networks. These activities aim to create a more efficient and flexible water service management system, also thanks to the aggregation and analysis of data obtained from the digitalisation of control systems. 
The works will last approximately two and a half years.

The second tender, called by Acquedotto Pugliese (Pugliese Aqueduct), which manages 254 municipalities between Puglia, Basilicata and Campania, bringing water to the homes of around four million people, concerns technical support in the execution phase for hydraulic works, such as tanks, manoeuvring chambers, piezometric towers, purification, waste treatment, drinking water, water and sewerage lifting systems, inspection wells, as well as the construction of new water and sewerage networks. The duration of the works will be four years.

Furthermore, both projects will be carried out using the most advanced technologies, which aim not only at the creation of cutting-edge hydraulic works, but also at the protection and valorisation of the water resource. Acea Infrastructure, in fact, a company of the ACEA Group with a leading position in the Italian water sector, with almost ten million inhabitants served, has developed and accumulated cutting-edge know-how in the design, construction and management of hydraulic infrastructures (as well as in the energy and waste sector), and therefore provides technical-engineering services not only to the Group companies, but also to those operating in this sector, in the national and international market.


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