Press Release

From today until the 9th of December Acea has its own booth to raise awareness on water in agriculture

Acea participates in Villaggio contadino di Natale (Farming Christmas Village) created by Coldiretti in Naples. Starting today, until the 9th of December, Acea will have its own booth to raise awareness on the importance of water in agriculture and in our everyday life. 
In Italy, more than 26 billion cubic metres of water are consumed every year. The sector that uses mostly this resource is agriculture, that equals to 55% of the nation's demand. In order to protect, defend and reuse such an important resource, Acea believes that everyone is necessary: starting from citizens to institutions, from inspection bodies to supervisors, ending with associations.
During the three-day event, our staff will provide detailed information about the Acea Group's activities related to circular economy issues in sewage treatment and the reuse of purified water. A video will also be shown on the Fregene purification plant managed by Acea Ato 2. The plant is located in the WWF Oasis of Macchiagrande, and serves as a virtuous example of how to preserve ecosystems. It is also the protagonist of an important project to reuse purified water for irrigating farmland. The “DepurArt” will also be presented. This is a project that transforms the purification plant into a cultural site. It is opened to schools and students that will discover with a multimedia audio guide the water purification process and its technologies step by step.

Acea Group is the first water national operator: it distributes water to more than 9 millions citizens in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Molise and Campania, for a total of more than 700 millions cubic metres of drinking water provided every year. The company is committed to carrying out specific activities that cover all stages of the supply chain. These activities include safeguarding springs, sustainable management of water resources, and an innovative approach to preventing and mitigating the impacts of climate change. The company aims to minimise losses and ensure the resilience of aqueduct systems.


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