Press Release

The Group's commitment to working mothers continues after the adoption of the People Charter

Acea has signed the Code for responsible businesses supporting maternity today, which was presented in Rome during the event "La maternità (non) è un’impresa" promoted by the Ministry for Family, Natality and Equal Opportunities.
The self-disciplinary code encompasses several areas of interventions, such as sustaining mothers' career continuity, promoting health prevention initiatives, adapting working schedules and patterns, and providing support for childcare and educational expenses.
The Acea Group has always been committed to implementing welfare policies and supporting initiatives in favour of working mothers. This initiative is part of a path the Company has already undertaken with the adoption of the "People and Participation Charter" signed with trade unions. With this Charter, the Group has implemented, among other measures, some enhancements to the provisions set forth by Law and Contracts in terms of training and parenting. These include an increased allocation of training hours per capita over a three-year period, increased allowances for parental leave, as well as an expanded number of days due for paternity leave and sick leave for childcare.


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