Press Release

The Group, a partner of the event, will be at the Auditorium with a booth dedicated to water resources: the Water House will be the protagonist

This year a new star shines at the Rome Film Festival, the Water. Acea promotes the "blue carpet" at the 18th edition of the film festival: a "bright" blue carpet will support the famous "red carpet" of the stars of the big screen, symbolizing the importance that a primary good like water plays in our lives.

Acea, the first national provider in the water utility, with about 9 million citizens served in five regions (Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Molise, and Campania), is present today and for the duration of the event at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, with its "The Star is the Water" booth dedicated to the water resource. The protagonist of the blue carpet area will be a Water House, a hi-tech evolution of the ancient fountains, dispensing free natural and sparkling water. A play of light created in collaboration with lighting specialists from Areti and technical staff from Acea Ato 2, which manages the network of Water Houses in the capital, will enhance and illuminate it during the evenings of the Rome Film Festival. Acea's Water Houses project has a dual goal: on the one hand, to encourage water saving, and on the other, to reduce the use of plastic. Furthermore, it is a concrete and daily testimony of the sustainability strategy that Acea has adopted in all the territories where it is present as a water service provider to promote environmentally friendly behavior and the reduction of environmental impact.

The Acea Group is a sponsor of the Rome Film Festival, scheduled for Oct. 18-29. With its support, Acea renews its long and constant vocation to support all initiatives and events that enhance the capital through strategic industries for the Italian economy such as culture, art, and cinema. 


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