Press Release

Reopened to the public after 50 years, starting from this evening the Domus Tiberiana will be illuminated thanks to a light architecture project created by Areti, the Acea Group company that operates in the electricity distribution sector in Rome. 

For the first time, for the enhancement of an archaeological site of very high historical and cultural value, dynamic light technology (tunable white) will be used which, thanks to variations in colour and intensity, offers the audience an unprecedented scenery in which the light becomes the narrative tool for a place and its history.

The façade of the Palace of Tiberius facing the Roman Forum will be animated by the architecture of this dynamic lighting created with latest generation LED technology, which allows the colour intensity and warmth to be modulated, obtaining excellent chromatic rendering and a significant reduction in energy consumption. For the occasion, 28 recessed projectors at the level of Via Nova, 12 linear projectors dedicated to the arches intradoses, 51 projection devices for façade lighting, and 10 linear projectors for the interior of the last level were installed, reaching a total power of 4.4 kW.

Acea's chairperson, Barbara Marinali, stated: “Rome has always had a special relationship with beauty and light: in the name of this bond, Acea takes charge of this tradition by committing itself — since its foundation — to the search for tools able to enhance the artistic and archaeological uniqueness of the city. When illuminating monuments and historic buildings, Acea, thanks to the development of new technologies, adopts solutions that guarantee maximum energy savings and environmental protection. The lighting intervention that we are delivering to the city today recognises light as an instrument of knowledge and communication, which will make it possible to enjoy the sight of this magnificent monument even at night, also contributing to the maintenance of its physical integrity".


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