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Acea, through its subsidiary companies Acea Energia and Acea Innovation, and Plenitude through its company Be Charge committed to electric mobility, signed an interoperability agreement that allows the access to electric vehicle charging stations offered by the network of both companies nationwide, via App “Acea e-mobility” and “Be Charge”, increasing the supply for their clients.

Valerio Marra, Head of Commercial & Trading at Acea Energia and Acea Innovation said:
“The interoperability agreement with Plenitude strengthens the strategy of Acea Energia and Acea Innovation. The aim is to promote sustainable transportation in order to provide high technology services nationwide and to ensure a complete accessibility to citizens and companies, contributing to the country's energy transition”.

Simone Zuccotti, Head of Business Development at Plenitude and President at Be Charge, said:
“With this agreement we are proud to offer to our clients innovative e-mobility services in all provinces nationwide, reaching both large urban centres and small towns extensively, following our growth strategy”.

Acea works in the area of e-vehicles charging services through the company Acea Innovation, Charge Point Operator and it also owns the ICT platform called B.O.M.T.S. Also, with the company Acea Energia, e-Mobility Service Provider, Acea address business offer to final clients providing the “Acea e-mobility” so that users can autonomously manage their recharging vehicle.

Plenitude is a Benefit Company that has a unique business model integrates the production of renewable energy, energy sale, energy services and a wide network of electric vehicles charging stations. In the e-mobility sector it owns a network of more than 17,000 charging stations that will be enlarged both in Italy and Europe reaching by 2026 about 30,000 charging stations.


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