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From the agreement between the Municipality of Modica and the companies Acea Innovation and City Green Light, the project for a public electricity recharging infrastructure network was born, which provides for the installation of 11 columns active 24 hours a day, completely powered by energy from renewable sources

The Municipality of Modica, in agreement with Acea Innovation, a company of the Acea Group operating in the E-Mobility, Energy Efficiency and Waste Transition sectors, and City Green Light, an Energy Service Company which operates in the promotion of tools for energy efficiency, started the project for the creation of a public recharging network for electric vehicles.

The works began on 5 July 2023, and the intervention involves the installation of 11 recharging infrastructures (IdRs) for electric vehicles in the seafront and city centre areas.

Acea Innovation will take care of the supply of the columns and their remote management as CPO (Charge Point Operator), through its own platform called BOMTS, in an interoperabilty system with other companies operating in the electric mobility sector. City Green Light will take care of the installation of the columns and their related maintenance.

In total, 11 columns will be installed, more specifically:

  • 9 “Normal Power (NP)” IdRs equipped with two Type-2 sockets capable of delivering a maximum power of 22 kW each (44 kW total in AC).
  • 2 “High Power (HP)” IdRs for a total maximum power of 72 kW that can be supplied at the same time.

Thanks to these interventions, the Municipality of Modica will give a new boost to sustainable mobility, promoting a more eco-sustainable and intelligent environment, which will allow a better quality of life for citizens and will guarantee tourists and visitors an efficient service for the use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

"Considering the growth of the E-mobility trend, - declared Maria Monisteri, Mayor of the City of Modica - we could not avoid installing new columns, both to increase the number of recharging points and to have them present in different areas of the municipality. This is a useful service which respects the environment and promotes technological innovation”.

“To achieve the European objectives for reducing emissions and pollution set for 2030, it is necessary to give a strong boost to electric mobility. – declared Fabrizio Ruggiero, Business Unit Director for Additional Services of City Green Light – We are happy to assist the city of Modica in this transition path towards an increasingly sustainable mobility, designed to meet the needs of both citizens and visitors passing through the city".


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