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Today, the winning students of the 2023 edition of “Acea SCUOLA. ProteggiAMO l’Ambiente” (Let’s protect the environment) have been awarded. This Acea educational project has been created to raise the awareness of young people towards the theme of environmental sustainability.

The first prize went to the students of class 3B of the Tacito Guareschi Institute, the second prize to the students of class 2F of the Orsa Maggiore Institute, and the third prize went to the students of classes 2F and 2G of the Aurelio Alonzi Institute. Acea’s President, Barbara Marinali, and Acea Ambiente’s CEO, Giovanni Rosti, awarded the young people with vouchers that can be used to purchase technical material useful for their studies. The Councillor for School, Training and Work of Roma Capitale, Claudia Pratelli, sent a greeting video message to the students.

This year the initiative, which is part of a training journey conceived over twenty years ago by the Acea Group, has been included in the "Map of the Educating City 2022/2023" of the Department of School, Training and Work of Roma Capitale and was organised around the Acea EcoVillage, an interactive, dynamic and stimulating platform that can be used by students in the second cycle of primary and lower secondary schools in Rome and the Metropolitan City to play, learn and reflect on environmental and ecological issues. The hosts of this edition were Biagio Venditti and Francesca La Cava, two of the protagonists of the Netflix series "Di4ri", who accompanied the students through videos, quizzes and insights into the environmental issues affecting our planet.

The broad thematic areas of the Acea EcoVillage which could be accessed from the digital platform were the following: Recycling Square, Biodiversity Belvedere, Climate Station, Water Park and Energy Bridge. Each location included an interactive video in which the most current issues of environmental sustainability were addressed: circular economy, biodiversity, climate emergency, water protection and energy transition. The Acea SCUOLA project was also an opportunity to raise awareness on the best practices, projects and technologies implemented by the Group to contribute to the creation of a greener planet, especially for future generations.

Next year, the project will be improved and in addition to the e-learning, which will continue with educational sessions, there will be a new activity: Acea experts will go directly to schools to create short sit-coms with young students on the topics of energy and water saving and environment protection.


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