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The aim is putting people at the centre by strengthening involvement and participation

The Company and the Trade Unions met today, following an intense discussion that began at the beginning of February, and reached an important and innovative agreement: Acea's People and Participation Charter.

It is an Agreement that strengthens labour relations, by enhancing involvement and participation and putting each Person at the centre.

This Agreement is of strategic value both for its contents and for the method and model of industrial relations it outlines; a model founded on new relations bases and interlocution that is even more participatory and integrated with the territories in which the Company operates.

The purpose of the Agreement is to create value for the territory, strengthen the quality of service, develop and increase company professionalism and individual and collective wellbeing, investing in People's skills and competences, as levers to face and win the great challenges of the socio-economic context.

In short, the People and Participation Charter, in outlining the shared principles and values on which to base the actions of the Parties, immediately identifies the macro issues on which to develop subsequent agreements, in particular, on Procurement and Welfare / Work-Life Balance Measures, to ensure, on the one hand, the quality of work throughout the supply chain and, on the other, to increase productivity, enhancing the wellbeing of employees with benefits that can be seen by the customers to whom the Company offers public utility services.

The Agreement also introduces some measures, which are immediately in force, on training and parenting (such as the increase in the three-year per capita number of hours allocated to staff training, as well as in the allowances provided for parental leave and the number of days for paternity leave and leave for sick children), and also provides for the evaluation of paths for the internalisation of certain activities in order to increasingly enhance the professionalism and experience present in the Company.

This Agreement will be formalised in the coming weeks with the Company/Territorial/Regional Trade Unions and with the National Trade Union Organisations during a dedicated presentation event.


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