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Festivities dedicated to peace and energy saving 

The holidays of 2022 are inspired by peace and energy saving in the initiative by Roma Capitale, Acea Group and FAO presented today in Piazza Venezia by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri together with the CEO of Acea, Fabrizio Palermo, the Director General of FAO, Qu Dongyu, and the Deputy Director General of FAO, Maurizio Martina, on the occasion of the lighting of the Christmas tree and the illumination in via del Corso.

The illumination in via del Corso, this year, are dedicated precisely to the universal topic of peace, while the tree in Piazza Venezia is powered for the first time by a photovoltaic system installed in the square, which makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption of lighting in a historical moment characterised by the need to adopt virtuous behaviours in the use of the resource. Both initiatives are included in the project "Accendiamo la Sostenibilità, Roma by Light" managed by Acea.
After the brief presentation, together with the children of the Opera Theatre Children's Choir, the tree in Piazza Venezia was turned on. Its lighting is powered by the 16 kWp photovoltaic system, with energy storage through lithiu ion batteries of 25 kWh. The system, supplied by Acea, designed and installed by COMAL, allows for an expected energy saving of 27 kWh per day. The photovoltaic system, in addition to powering the lighting of the Christmas tree through the batteries, will transfer any excess energy directly to the distribution grid. The system allows a reduction of CO2 emissions of 17.55 kg/day which, for the entire duration of the lighting of the tree, are equivalent to 526 kg of CO2.

Simple things are enough to make the difference. This is the message we want to spread for these holidays: the traditional Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia is powered by photovoltaic panels for the first time. This allows energy savings of up to 27 kWh per day and a reduction in CO2 emissions of over 17 kg per day. A strong, innovative choice that is not only symbolic, but intended to represent Rome's commitment to strongly promoting a culture of sustainability, also taking into account the sensitive international historical moment linked to the war in Ukraine and the continuation of a serious energy crisis. Respect for the environment, energy saving, peace: let's celebrate this Christmas by illuminating the square and the most important street of the city with a message of trust and hope for a sustainable and supportive future", stated the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

Also today, the illuminations of Via del Corso were turned on, curated by Acea on the creative and construction project of the company Medaarch, this year dedicated to peace and dialogue. Along Via del Corso, strings of lights create the effect of a starry sky, opened and closed by two artistic paintings about peace, located in Piazza Venezia and Piazza del Popolo. The works, which portray a dove that gives the letter "A" to the word "Peace" to complete it, are inspired by a poster created by the artist Armando Milani in 2002 for the United Nations. The theme of peace and dialogue is further reinforced by six sentences with a message of peace placed at intervals along the 1,400 metres of illuminations.

The project also includes, as always, the installation of a Christmas tree for each of the other fourteen municipalities of Rome. All installations, as in the 2021 edition, were made of aluminium, with LED lights. The trees are illuminated using beams of luminous optical fibre to create enveloping decorations with diffused brightness.

Finally, as in previous years, for the entire duration of the holidays it will be possible to participate in a photographic contest that rewards the best shots of the Christmas illuminations. To participate, simply upload your picture on the Acea Group website by 10 January using the special “Roma by Light Acea” form (

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is once again at the side of Roma Capitale with a series of "actions" that citizens of all ages can undertake also this Christmas to create a sustainable, inclusive and supportive community together, where no one is left behind. In Rome, as everywhere in the world, citizens are experiencing the effects of rising prices for energy, food and other primary goods. Global challenges affect each of us and impact our lives, especially the most fragile and vulnerable ones.

FAO, together with the city of Rome and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, invites citizens to join the campaign and be part of the change, by being guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. By downloading the Web App "Christmas in Rome" ( from the gift boxes under the Tree, adults and children will be able to find concrete actions to avoid waste, respect the planet and achieve sustainability both at the table and under the tree, celebrating Christmas responsibly and in solidarity.

With its special content for children and tourists who want to make their holiday in Rome more sustainable, the App shows how we can all contribute to building a sustainable city, where everyone counts and no one is left behind.


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