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A new and inclusive flexibility market for ever smarter distribution grids

Areti (100% Acea) has published on its website the public consultation to allow its customers to participate in the pilot project “RomeFlex - Reshaping Operational MEthods to run grid FLEXibility” to create a market for the flexibility of the electricity grid in the Rome area, as envisaged by ARERA Resolution no. 352/2021. This solution will make it possible to actively participate in the management of the electricity grid and to offer flexible services, thus helping to guarantee the balance between energy supply and demand for the benefit of the entire community.

Areti, through the European Platone project, is already engaged in the development of solutions to favour the flexibility of its distribution grid through its digitisation. In fact, in Rome, tests are already underway in some neighbourhoods; now, with "RomeFlex", the project extends to the whole city. All customers who are able to modulate their consumption/production (Balancing Service Providers, BSP) will be able to participate in the initiative, from single 3kW users up to large generation or consumption plants which will therefore be able to offer their own flexible services to Areti, both individually and in aggregate form (also through energy communities).

The "RomeFlex" project aims to guarantee the automation of all market phases; thanks to the use of the BlockChain, total transparency and immediate certification of all economic transactions and technical reporting of the successful provision of the service will be guaranteed. Customers who wish to join the project will be able to do so either by participating in the so-called "term auctions" to provide long-term flexibility, or with daily economic offers, through the so-called "daily spot market" to resolve specific critical grid issues with better economic conditions than to those of term auctions. In the latter hypothesis, the successful bidders of the auctions will be able to improve the economic conditions of supply for those specific times compared to what is offered with the starting bid; the possibility of participating remains open to all customers who will be able to submit their offers.

The market design implemented by the "Rome Flex" project guarantees maximum economic and operational efficiency for the electricity system and is based on criteria of transparency and competitiveness for the benefit of all citizens who decide to join it.


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