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The initiative is part of the "Tourist itineraries to discover the waters of Italy" project

Three other multimedia totems were inaugurated today in Terni, Cittaducale and Rieti through which it is possible to connect to the “Museo Immersivo Acea – MIA (Acea Immersive Museum)” to learn about and discover tourist itineraries and the history of important Italian water resources: Marmore Falls, Piediluco and the Nera-Velino system; Cutiliae aquae, springs, thermal baths, millenary heritage; Fonte Cottorella thermal baths and Turano valley.

These new three totems - one was inaugurated at the Upper Belvedere of the Marmore Falls (Vocabolo Cascata, 30), one in Cittaducale in piazza del Popolo and the last in Rieti in via di Fonte Cottorella 34 - are added to the first three already installed last August in Rieti. The initiative, realised by ACEA with Acea Ato 2, in collaboration with the "GecoAgri LandItaly Interuniversity Research Group" and the Diocese of Rieti, is part of the “Tourist itineraries to discover the waters of Italy” project (Itinerari turistici alla scoperta delle acque d’Italia), designed to combine scientific, economic and cultural aspects around the theme of water. Visiting, you will find a digital portal dedicated to the over 110 years of history of the Acea Group where it is possible, through virtual tours, to retrace the waterways, from the sources to the aqueducts to the tap of the house. An opportunity to allow tourists and residents to discover the extraordinary water resources of Rieti and Terni: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, springs, canals, aqueducts, thermal baths.

Each of the totems is equipped with a QR code that will allow the user to explore a virtual environment that tells, through texts and photo galleries, the history and water resources of the area. Just frame the QR codes with a smartphone to start both a physical and a virtual journey (phygital). Thanks to high-resolution immersive aerial shots, the tourist route of the water allows you to fly over cities, the course of rivers, valleys, protected areas, and to "land" in several points of interest, enriched by cards and insights developed by the GecoAgri-Landitaly Interuniversity Research Group Association which designed and provides scientific support to the project.

The project involves the installation of four other totems in December: Canetra, a spring lake; Paterno, Umbilicus Italiae; Greccio, Franciscan sanctuary; Rivodutri, sources of the Ciceronian Septem aquae.


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