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The bike sharing service has been activated: electric bicycles with pedal assist are available to the staff of the Group for business trips around the city

Electric pedal assist bikes that can be used by Acea people to move around the city in a green and zero-emission way. The “Acea Goes e-Bike - La sostenibilità Acea viaggia anche su due ruote” project starts today, conceived in collaboration with Ridemovi, an Italian company leader in Europe in the shared micro-mobility sector.

The sustainable mobility project includes a pilot phase in which 20 pedal assist/electric bikes will be available, which can be used from the headquarters in Piazzale Ostiense. To facilitate their use, e-bikes can be booked through the company app already available, just setting up an account with which to make the rental. Ridemovi, on the other hand, will be responsible for the recovery and maintenance of the bicycles.

After the pilot phase, the service will be extended to other offices and operating sites of the Group, with the aim of increasingly promoting a sustainable mode of transport.

The project combines the commitment to sustainability, essential to business development strategies, with attention to its people, to whom other corporate welfare initiatives and programmes are also addressed.


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