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On the 6th of September, the Regional Council, through Resolution no. 464, approved the financing of a series of interventions regarding the integrated water service. Many of these were conceived and carried out in the preliminary stage by Gesesa.

The company is pleased to note the financing of interventions to replace the water networks in the municipalities of Foglianise, Castelpagano and Telese Terme, and the construction of a well in Morcone near Piana.

Moreover, funding of more than EUR 1,600,000 has been approved for the replacement of the water network in several sections located in the municipality of Benevento, namely: via Nenni, via Fontanelle/Pietà, via Valfortore, via Guidi, via Meomartini, via Cupa Santa Lucia, via Cupa del Gesù, via Avellino, and via San Vito-Santa Clementina. Other works will also be carried out in Contrada Coluonni, Macchiarotonda, Sant’Angelo a Piesco, Monte Pino, Torre Alfieri and Olivola.

It should also be noted that the work on the first part of the activated carbon plant has also been approved. It will be realised by the municipality of Benevento, while the project idea and the admission to funding are the result of Gesesa’s work.

‘This result has been achieved thanks to Gesesa’s planning and design work,’ says Gesesa CEO Salvatore Rubbo, ‘which the company has carried out in recent months and which will allow the timetable imposed by the resolution to be respected. In fact, it should be borne in mind that all the interventions identified must end on 31 December 2023.’

‘We are satisfied with the positive outcome of this funding, which rewards Gesesa’s self-sacrifice and planning expertise in the interest of the citizens of Benevento and of important areas in our province,’ says Gesesa President Domenico Russo. ‘We need to continue in this direction in order to intercept more and more resources for the development of the integrated water service in the province of Benevento. Gesesa will continue to work in constant synergy with the municipality of Benevento and the other municipalities it manages in pursuit of this objective.’


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