Press Releases

Acea signed with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti a new 200 million Euro “Sustainability Rating Linked” revolving credit facility, with a tenor of 3 years, linked to two sustainability rating objectives within the Environment Social e Governance (ESG) categories. The new credit facility pricing is infact linked to the ratings issued by Standard Ethics and ETicaNews. During 2022, Standard Ethics confirmed Acea’s “EE” corporate rating (investment grade) and revised upwards the Outlook from “Stable” to “Positive”. Also, in 2022 Acea obtained from ETicaNews the “Integrated Governance Index” (IGI) score of 60.45 (scale 0-100), positioning itself at the 16th place over a total of 86 candidates, thus classified in the “Leader ESG Identity” cluster.


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