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The initiative is part of the project 'Itinerari turistici alla scoperta delle acque d’Italia' (Itineraries to discover the waters of Italy)

Rome, 2 August 2022 – The first three out of ten interactive totems were opened today in Rieti in the presence of Mayor Daniele Sinibaldi, Bishop Mons. Domenico Pompili, CEO of Acea Giuseppe Gola, Acea Chief Operating Officer Giovanni Papaleo and Maria Gemma Grillotti, President of the GecoAgriLandItaly Association. Through these totems it is possible to connect to the "Acea Immersive Museum" (MIA). It is a digital portal dedicated to the more than 110 years of history of the Acea Group where, through virtual tours, you can retrace the water courses in 3D, from springs to aqueducts to the tap at home. The totems allow visitors to connect to a widespread multimedia museum where the world of water is told in an innovative and interactive way, using digital technology. An opportunity to allow tourists and residents to discover the extraordinary water resources of the Rieti area: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, springs, canals, aqueducts, spas.

The first three totems were installed in the City Hall in Rieti, in Piazza Cavour, next to the Roman Bridge, and in the operational headquarters of the "Cuore Blu" centre at the ecclesiastical building on loan to the association, where Acea carried out the preparations of the headquarters. Each of the totems is equipped with a QR code that will allow the user to navigate in a virtual environment that tells, through texts and photo gallery, the history and water resources of Rieti and its area. Simply frame the QR codes with a smartphone to start a phygital journey (both physical and virtual). Thanks to high-resolution immersive aerial footage, the water tourist route allows to fly over cities, river courses, valleys, the Rieti basin, protected areas, and to "land" on several points of interest, enriched with fact sheets and insights developed by the GecoAgri-Landitaly Interuniversity Research Group Association.

The initiative is part of the project 'Itinerari turistici alla scoperta delle acque d’Italia', designed to combine scientific, economic and cultural aspects around the theme of water. The presence of the Peschiera-Le Capore, the primary source of water supply not only in Rome, but also in the municipalities of the metropolitan area, the Rieti area and the lower Sabina region, prompted Acea to create the first tourist routes connected by these ten interactive totems in Rieti and its area. The project was conceived and implemented by Acea, with Acea Ato 2 and in collaboration with the 'GecoAgriLandItaly Interuniversity Research Group' and the Diocese of Rieti.

Acea CEO Giuseppe Gola said: 'It is extremely important to tell the world of water and to make citizens and young people think about the importance of its protection and preservation. Through these multimedia and interactive totems that we are opening today in Rieti, water is at the heart of a museum, landscape and cultural project. Acea once again confirms its commitment to the management of this precious resource by promoting responsible and sustainable consumption.'

Mayor of Rieti Daniele Sinibaldi commented: 'It is significant that the 'Cuore Blu’ project is being born in Rieti, one of the most water-rich areas in Europe. It is equally significant that, among the first interventions, it is the one we inaugurate today, aimed at telling the history and characteristics of our water basins in an innovative way, combining information and social responsibility with tourism and environmental enhancement. Rieti has great environmental, landscape and historical potential and we are pleased to collaborate on this large and ambitious project, for which we thank all partners.'


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