Press Releases

Acea ATO2 announces that interventions are underway to solve a sudden water fault that has occurred early this afternoon. The water fault concerns an important water pipeline serving some areas of the IV and V Municipio of Rome.

All actions have already been taken to limit the duration of the outage: in some areas, water shortages and low pressures may still occur. To minimise inconvenience to citizens, a water supply through tankers has been set up. The tankers will remain parked in the following streets:

  • Piazza Balsamo Crivelli,
  • Via Sacco e Vanzetti at Parco Tozzetti,
  • Piazza Federico Sacco,
  • Piazza Amilcare Zamorani,
  • Largo Antonio Beltramelli,
  • Via Tiburtina at Via di San Romano,
  • Pertini Park,
  • Via Igino Giordani, corner of Via di Grotta di Gregna.

For further information, you can contact the toll-free number 800 130 335 and visit the website


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