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Winner of the 2022 NTT DATA Award, Waidy® Management System is a system designed to optimize the management of water resources in distribution networks

Today, at the launch event of the two Italian Google Cloud regions, NTT DATA Italia and Acea presented the Waidy® Management System (WMS), the cloud native solution for the protection of water resources and designed to optimize water management within the network.

WMS is an intuitive and modern Digital Water Platform, that is, a technological platform which facilitates the management of water resources during their lifecycle. It responds to the increasing need of rationalising the use of one of the most precious raw materials of our planet. Among the features offered by Waidy Management System: Management of water districts, data processing to control the volumes of water managed, centralized monitoring of service continuity and control of network maintenance activities.

'Climate change is one of the main challenges our planet will be facing in the near future, a challenge that will affect all of us', stressed Luca Isetta, Chief Operating Officer of NTT DATA Italia. 'At NTT DATA, we firmly believe that, in a context similar to the one we are experiencing today, sustainability plays a crucial role. That is the reason why we are proud to collaborate with Acea on a project that will surely give its contribution towards raising awareness on this issue within all the companies, as they have a consistent impact on the territories and the citizens, who in turn are committed to achieving a sustainable society.'

'Imagine if you opened the tap and no water came out…a far from remote hypothesis in many countries around the world' said Giovanni Papaleo, Chief Operating Officer of Acea Group 'Water availability is one of the core issues in the 2030 Agenda and we, as well as Acea, feel a responsibility to ensure a sustainable management of the water resources. Waidy Management System was created exactly to offer an advanced management tool for the integrated water cycle and to protect and enhance the water resource throughout the entire water cycle. It is a digital platform integrated with our operating systems, capable of supporting our people’s decisions and ensuring continuity of service. WMS also represents a cultural and organisational evolution. It is in fact a flexible, scalable and safe tool developed completely in agile.'

The project won the 2022 NTT DATA Award, at the end of a competition involving more than 50 countries around the world where NTT DATA is present. Waidy Management System was nominated in the Sustainability section, which rewarded projects capable of making a social contribution, with a view to achieving a sustainable society while pursuing business objectives.


NTT DATA Italia is part of the Japanese multinational NTT DATA, one of the most relevant players in the world of Consultancy and IT Services. Digital, Consulting, Cyber Security and System Integration are just some of our main lines of business. Our mission is to generate value for our customers through innovation. NTT DATA has a global presence in over 50 countries, with 130,000 professionals and an international network of research and development centres in Tokyo, Palo Alto and Cosenza. NTT DATA is present in Italy with over 5,000 employees and 11 offices in a Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa, Treviso, Pisa, Naples and Cosenza.

About Acea

Acea is one of the main multi-utilities in Italy. Listed on the Stock Exchange in 1999, it is active in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy and environment businesses. Its activities include integrated water service, energy distribution, public and artistic lighting, sale of electricity and gas, energy production, mainly from renewable sources, waste treatment and valorisation. Acea is the Italian leading operator in the water sector, with about 9 million people served in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Molise and Campania. Acea is among the main Italian players in electricity distribution, with about 9 TWh of electricity distributed in the city of Rome, and in the sale of electricity with about 8 TWh of electricity sold. It is one of the largest operators in Italy in the environmental sector with about 1.5 million T/y of waste managed. 


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