Press Releases

With regard to the information reported by some media organizations referring to the adoption of measures to systematically lower the pressure in water networks, i.e., the turnaround of water supply in the Rome area, Acea Ato 2 specifies that no one of these measures has been adopted, nor it is expected to be adopted during summer 2022, despite the very unfavourable weather and climate situation.

The company invested more than 100 euros/year per citizen in the integrated water service (more than double the national average, for a total of more than 500 million euros invested in the last three years on water networks and plants). The major interventions implemented by the company since summer 2017 have allowed to reduce water leakage by 100 million cubic meters per year.

In addition, the realization of an important districtization plan – which made it possible to reduce the volumes of water fed into the Capital’s network from 17 to 13.5 cubic metres per second – that resulted in remarkable savings in water resources. Another action that deserves to be mentioned is the adoption of the Waidy Management System platform, a native cloud solution for the protection of water resources, which ensures an efficient management of networks through the processing of data to control the managed water volumes, the central monitoring of service continuity and the control of maintenance activities.

These actions performed by Acea Ato 2 ensure the regular supply of water service in the area of Rome, even in the course of the current period characterized by severe drought conditions.


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