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The project–which started last March–involved around 300 students from Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Tuscany

The 'GenerAzione Connessa' format, a four-month project aimed at training and guiding young people towards the world of work, has reached its final stage. The main goal was to bring students closer to themes regarding environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusion and, first of all, to stimulate them to develop an innovative thinking. The students’ creative ideas emerged during the final challenge of the project were presented today at the Celebration Day, with a focus on Mission no. 2 of the PNRR (Italy’s Recovery and Resilience Plan) concerning Green Revolution and Ecological Transition.

'GenerAzione Connessa' is a project developed in collaboration with the ELIS Consortium, in continuity with programmes such as 'La Scuola che vorrei' and 'GenerAzione Digitale', launched by Acea Group with schools in past years. Around 300 students from 10 technical-professional institutes and 5 high-schools of Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Tuscany, were involved this year.

The concept of 'square' was introduced for the first time, as a reference to a virtual space where students could meet the companies of Acea Group in the territory for an ongoing exchange of ideas between young people coming from different cultural and social backgrounds, which at the same time helped to stimulate a debate about the themes of valuing differences and inclusion.

During the project, the young students were accompanied and guided by the Acea Sustainability Ambassador – i.e., promoters of the culture of sustainability and circular economy. The young people also met with Acea STEM women, who shared their life and professional paths, demonstrating how important it is to overcome gender stereotypes when making choices concerning training and professional paths.

The final stage of 'GenerAzione Connessa' included an online 'immersive' activity. 33 students were selected for their motivations and skills and involved in projects they had proposed. The winning projects were 'Smart Under Water', for microplastics detection in water resources, and 'Smart Lux', a smart, sensor-based, public lightning project. Each team member will receive an Amazon voucher, accompanied by our Group’s Sustainability Report.

The project 'GenerAzione Connessa' is for Acea an opportunity to preserve a virtuous exchange between schools and companies, as part of a significant path to stimulate the students’ interest and motivation. They can become the driver of a social, economic, and environmental innovation and take centre stage in the companies of the future through sharing their ideas and knowledge.


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