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The Group opens an Innovation Outpost inside the "Mind the Bridge Innovation Center" in San Francisco. The goal is to intercept emerging technological trends for the company's business areas and support startup scouting

Acea, leading Italian operator in the sector of integrated water services and among the first in the electricity distribution, energy sales and environment, launches today its "Innovation Antenna" inside the "Mind the Bridge Innovation Center" "in San Francisco.

The announcement has been made during a live event, at the presence of the CEO of the ACEA Group Giuseppe Gola and the Chairman of Mind the Bridge Alberto Onetti, both connected from Rome, and Ivan Vigolo, Group Chief Innovation & Information Officer of the ACEA Group, live from the Innovation Center of Mind the Bridge in San Francisco together with Marco Marinucci, Mind the Bridge CEO.

The decision of having a direct presence in the global epicenter of innovation is aimed at boosting the innovation effort as well as intercepting emerging technologies and supporting the startup scouting activities in the United States. ACEA plans to be a key industry player for Silicon Valley startups interested in developing innovative solutions in electricity and water distribution and waste management.

"Having an innovation outpost in Silicon Valley allows us to have a sensor in the world’s ecosystem where most of the disruptive innovations happens - said Giuseppe Gola, CEO of the ACEA Group -. This project will boost our scouting capabilities of cutting-edge solutions that our business and our customers can benefit from”.

The company has been pushing innovation for years. A few months ago it kicked off a ten-year ecological transition plan to concretely contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the European Union, such as the 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050. Through its "Innovation" division ACEA carries out research, development and implementation of innovative solutions related to its areas of activity.

"Opening an Innovation Antenna in Silicon Valley represents the first step towards a strategy of growing presence in the Bay Area and confirms ACEA's desire to make innovation the Group's main growth engine - added Alberto Onetti, Chairman of Mind the Bridge - ACEA joins a group of 300 major global companies that have a stable innovation presence in Silicon Valley. We, as Mind the Bridge, are proud to continue supporting ACEA in the internationalization of its innovation journey".


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