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Today, Areti, an ACEA Group company operating in the electricity distribution sector, and RSE - Ricerca Sistema Energetico, renewed a collaboration agreement for the evolution of electrical infrastructures aimed at modernising networks in an increasingly rapid and complete way, in line with the decarbonisation objectives set out in the 2030 Agenda.

The agreement, signed today by Massimo Bonato, CEO of Areti, and Maurizio Delfanti, CEO of RSE, will last three years and will allow the research and innovation activities launched within the "Plato" European project to continue and develop. The objective is to enable innovative energy flexibility mechanisms for citizens, together with traditional methods of managing electricity distribution networks. The project, coordinated by ACEA and Areti, is currently being implemented experimentally in some districts of Rome. RSE will develop the methods for monitoring the impact on the networks of smart charging of electric vehicles, as well as the regulatory and economic sustainability framework, developing appropriate technical-economic indicators.

“The evolution towards electric mobility is a path that Italy will have to face firmly, in the broader scenario of change that our country is called to undertake for decarbonisation. The synergy with Areti is set in this direction, with the purpose of identifying technological solutions compatible with the concrete needs of innovation and sustainability of the network”, commented Maurizio Delfanti.

“Areti is constantly committed to pursuing the objectives of ecological transition in Rome, investing important economic and human resources on this issue, so much so that it now represents a reference at European level on this issue. The collaboration with RSE will allow us to accelerate the achievement of the expected results for the benefit of Roman citizens and the national electricity system,” said Massimo Bonato.

The agreement also expands the agenda of strategic activities on which Areti and RSE will be able to work together, both nationally and internationally. This collaboration, in fact, is part of the global Mission Innovation initiative which sees Italy, and in particular RSE and Areti, in support of the Ministry for Ecological Transition in the definition and implementation of projects related to research activities and innovation of the "Green Powered Future Mission" led by Italy, China and the United Kingdom.


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