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With the winter season just around the corner, it is time for meters to be protected. We invite our customers to take some small steps to keep meters in their perfect working order, avoiding possible problems - to the device itself and to the water supply - that might be caused by low temperatures.
If the meter is located inside a recess or any other masonry structure, the door and internal walls can be covered with an at least 3 cm-high panel in polyurethane or other similar material, such as polystyrene. At the same time, any gaps between the frame and the masonry wall can be plastered. Even though the meter is located in a small well, we recommend covering the lid internally with a polyurethan panel or similar, (always 3 cm thick). If you cannot adopt any of these measures, we recommend wrapping the meter in cloth, paper or any another material to provide some protection.
It is important not to use plastic and nylon, and to remove what has been used for protection at the end of the winter season. To guarantee perfect protection for the enclosures where meters are located, they must be always fitted with doors or manhole. Doors must be provided with a universal locking system.
We remind that, according to the current legislation, customers are required to keep meters adequately, in order to avoid any charge for a possible reimbursement for intervention and replacement of the damaged device.
For damaged meters, please call the toll-free number 800 511 717 (free from both landline and mobile phones) and available 24/7.


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