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The third stop of the Plastic Free Tour, Gesesa’s environmental sustainability project, was at the Francesco De Santis Institute in Forchia.
After handing out reusable water bottles to the schools in the Fortorini municipalities, it was the turn of the young students in Forchia, who for the occasion created banners and wrote poems on the topic of environmental sustainability. Early learning school children, with the help of their teachers, made banners against plastic pollution in the oceans; primary school children wrote poems on the importance of Water as a precious resource that must not be wasted; lastly, first grade students made banners showing the journey of plastic waste micro particles.
“I really appreciated the initiative from Forchia Municipal Administration and Gesesa, said the Principal of the school, Rosaria Perrotta. We must be respectful of our planet, loving and taking care of it, and this is something that can be done starting from little daily actions, like using reusable plastic bottles, all the way to embracing sustainability in every aspect of our lives.”
“We wanted to give these reusable water bottles to school children in early learning, primary and first grade – said Gesesa Board Member Alessandra Itro – because we are convinced that environmental education must start from a very young age. By using reusable instead of single-use bottles, also children will contribute to reducing the amount of plastic used every day and protect the environment.”
“We are very satisfied with the work and service we are offering communities with Gesesa”, said the Mayor of Forchia, Pino Papa. “By giving these free reusable water bottles to school children, we also want their parents to hear the Plastic Free message. Every day we see for ourselves how much plastic is wasted and often we forget how dangerous it is for the environment. From today, children in Forchia will replace single-use plastic bottles with reusable bottles, and this will have an impact on reducing PET. If we want to save our planet, it’s important to start from the little things.”
“Water must be protected, it isn’t an unlimited source, therefore it must not be wasted: this is the message we must send out to our young generations. We also explained to the children the meaning of “sustainability”. This key word refers to a way of acting and conducting our lives that is considerate to the environment and takes into account the effects we can have on it. Gesesa is a sustainable company because it makes sure not to damage the environment with its activities and strives to bring value to the communities in which it operates.” said Salvatore Rubbio, CEO of Gesesa.


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