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The agreement aims to develop innovative projects for municipalities, public administrations, and businesses

Also this year, the Acea Group is present at Ecomondo, in Rimini, the most important international event dedicated to green and circular economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Today, during the event, ACEA Innovation – company part of the Acea Group that works on developing and implementing innovative services for the ecological transition with reference to e-mobility, energy efficiency, and organic waste management – and Ancitel Energia e Ambiente – company that provides environmental consulting services to public administrations and private companies with the aim of improving management standards and the diffusion of programs and projects in line with national objectives – signed a memorandum of understanding.  

Filippo Bernocchi, President of Ancitel Energia e Ambiente and Valerio Marra, Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, signed the memorandum of understanding in the presence of Acea’s CEO Giuseppe Gola.

The strategic partnership is based on the creation of a working group of specialists tasked with identifying legislative incentives, credit access opportunities, and projects based on territorial, infrastructural, and economic peculiarities with the objective of facilitating and accelerating green energy policies, energy efficiency models, technology plans and executive proposals in line with circular economy models and help their rapid implementation.

The collaboration will also seek the involvement of institutions, businesses, and stakeholders, to plan together, with a multidisciplinary approach, integrated development projects for the smart cities of the future. These projects, extended across the country, will help to support the economic and social recovery in a sustainable manner. The fields of application include the creation of electric mobility plans and tools to manage e-mobility services, ICT platforms for public transport, parameter monitoring for the environment and the quality of public services, energy communities, diffused composting, and energy renovation of buildings.

Valerio Marra, Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, said: “The Memorandum of Understanding we signed today with Società Energia e Ambiente, is testament to our company’s commitment and synergistic approach to implementing the national ecological transition plan, creating development models that respect the specific needs and characteristics of the different communities and identifying technological solutions and services that allow easy access for residents, advanced management for local authorities, and good quality service for tourists”.

Filippo Bernocchi, President of Ancitel Energia e Ambiente, said: “We are delighted with the collaboration we started today with Acea Innovation, as it strengthens our already extensive relationship with the Acea Group and in terms of e-governance allows us to expand our holistic plans with high added value, to actively and extensively interact with the public administrations and Italian Municipalities, accelerating the process for the achievement of the ecological transition objectives”.


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