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“Gesesa continues to uphold the commitment to transparency started in the past months in relation to the management of the integrated water services in the Benevento area”, says CEO Salvatore Rubbo. “At a time when numerous unfounded declarations – not supported by actual data – have been made with regard to “the water of Benevento”, it is important to provide the figures that clearly show how the water service has improved in the area in question.”

“In particular – continues Salvatore Rubbo – with regard to the volumes of water introduced into the system, the results obtained thanks to the work of the entire Company speak for themselves: during the months of July and August, given an equal amount of water made available to users in the same two-month period in 2020, over 145,000 cubic meters less of water were introduced in the city’s distribution network; as a result, Benevento did not face a water shortage during the summer months.

The data confirm that 2,000 cubic meters of water were saved every day.

This result was achieved thanks to the tireless work carried out to identify the leaks in the network, as announced during the past month of July, with particular focus on the northern areas of the city but also on the Olivola area, where over 400 meters of pipes were replaced in addition to the benefits produced by the mayor’s provision No. 60/2021, which was revoked on 3 September. Meanwhile, work to improve the efficiency of the water districts of the city continues. The district of Santa Maria degli Angeli has been provided with next-generation pressure stabilizers – the same as those installed in Piazza Castello – with immediate results in terms of water distribution rationalization, as approximately 4.5 liters/second less were introduced in the network.

As for the origin of the water introduced in the network, data show that during the three months from June to August 2021, the amount of water taken from the Gesuiti reservoir was more or less consistent with the previous part of the year, while from the new Via Mura della Caccia reservoir, during the same period of time, on average over 5.5 liters/second were introduced in the network.  In contrast, during the same period, the amount of water introduced into the network from San Vitale increased by approximately

25% (equivalent of 10 liters/second) compared to the previous part of the year, with a consequent reduction of the amount of water introduced in the network by local sources.

It is important to reiterate that, to this date, all the water distributed across the city meets the drinking requirements set by the applicable regulation; nevertheless, by the end of September plans for the activated carbon water treatment plant will be submitted to the competent offices of Regione Campania to continue the process for the construction of the structure that will have a decisive impact on the chemical characteristics of the water introduced in the network.

The volumes and capacity mentioned above prove that a complex water distribution system such as that of the city of Benevento at the moment cannot rely on a single source to meet the city’s requirements without exposing it to the risk of drought and the fragility of the water supply system.

Aware of its role and the sensitivity of the activities carried out by its personnel as well as the typical difficulties that come with managing an integrated water system, Gesesa will continue its communication campaign. Therefore, over the next few days, Gesesa will start similar campaigns focusing on other municipalities under its management”.


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