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The virtual exhibition, made possible by the upgrade of the company’s historical archive, will be available on a portal with hundreds of images, historical documents, videos, and 3D reconstructions

Acea launches MIA, Acea Immersive Museum, which thanks to a dedicated portal brings back to life over 110 years of history of the company and the City of Rome.

The project was presented today in the presence of Acea CEO Giuseppe Gola, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Superintendent for Cultural Heritage for the City of Rome, and the Councilor for Cultural Growth of the City of Rome Lorenza Fruci. The event was introduced by Massimo Martinelli, Director of Il Messaggero, the daily paper that over the years has constantly reported the changes in the Capital and inevitably those of the multyutility.

The press conference was held at the Centrale Montemartini plant – symbol of the history of Acea and of the evolution of the Capital – operational since 30 June 1912, when it started producing and distributing electricity in Rome for the company.

From Nathan and Montemartini to date, with photographs, videos, designs, graphics, 3D images, and the reproduction of documents and objects, MIA’s virtual journey aims to show visitors how Acea and the Capital evolved over the years. The immersive museum was created following the significant updating and digitalization work carried out on the company’s historical archive: over 35,000 photographs, almost 500 record books with minutes and determinations, and thousands of technical documents. Acea’s historical Archive includes 14,000 books from the company’s library and approximately 80 historical videos. Equivalent to approximately 2,476 linear meters of documents.

When browsing the platform, in addition to accessing the 12 rooms of the virtual exhibition, visitors will also be able to consult the archive through themed photo galleries and step into a digital Conference Center from where they will be able to enjoy the cultural events organized by the company.

The new portal is active from today and can be accessed at:


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