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The strategic partnership between the Municipality and AceaInnovation involves the development of smart services for the city.
The project kicks off with the installation of 21 EV charging points, with a capacity to charge 42 vehicles, all powered by energy produced using renewable sources.

Today, the Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, Valerio Marra, and the mayor of Benevento, Clemente Mastella, in the presence of Giuseppe Gola, CEO of the Acea Group, signed an agreement part of a strategic partnership that marks the start of the implementation of the city’s environmental transition plan. Acea Innovation – company part of the Acea Group specializing in planning and implementing projects, products, innovative smart technological services and solutions aimed at reducing the impact on the environment in name of energy efficiency and circular economy – will support the Municipal Administration during the implementation of projects dedicated to customers and businesses.

This agreement will tangibly contribute to the strategic energy transition plan that Italy is required to implement to reach the sustainability objectives in the UN’s 2030 Agenda. The agreement pertains to the development of a sustainable mobility plan involving the installation, by 2023, of 21 EV charging points, with a capacity to charge 42 vehicles, powered by energy produced from renewable sources. The strategic partnership with AceaInnovation is part of an organic integrated development process of energy and waste transition projects that will also involve local stakeholders and play a significant role in the development program of sustainable urban services part of the municipal administration’s green and circular economy plan. The agreement strengthens the relationship between the multiutility and the communities in which the Acea Gesesa Group already operates – managing the integrated water service of Benevento and 22 municipalities within its province.

“After starting work on the sustainable and electric mobility projects in Rome and in the municipalities of Terni, Grosseto, Taranto, and Baselga di Piné, we are very pleased to collaborate, as strategic partner for the environmental transaction with the municipality of Benevento, involved in green economy and sustainable development projects.”

“The Business Plan of the Acea Group - said CEO Giuseppe Gola - involves the installation, by 2024, of 2,200 EV charging points across Italy, with the aim of becoming one of the main contributors to e-mobility in the country. By entering this market, the objective is to support the energy transition and the development of sustainable mobility, especially in towns and cities, where the impact on the environment is higher. To facilitate this, we are developing extensive charging infrastructures supported by a smart, flexible, and resilient distribution network.

“Sustainable mobility – said the mayor of Benevento, Clemente Mastella - is a concept that must be instilled and transmitted to the community and the new generations but must also be expressed with tangible actions. The agreement signed this morning seals the idea that this administration has of a modern Benevento in touch with the times and projected towards the future. Today, more and more drivers choose electric vehicles, but they are not always guaranteed mobility, as often cities are unable to provide EV charging points. We were determined not to fall behind and we thank Acea Innovation for its support. It’s an important step that allows to offer a precious service to our citizens, encouraging them to use environment-friendly vehicles, which are essential to contain and reduce pollution, something I have always considered a priority – as I have often demonstrated with preventive measures, such as Sunday traffic closures – because every year 70,000 people die due to the effects of particulate matter, and it is my duty to protect the health of the citizens of Benevento“.


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