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The strategic partnership sees Acea Innovation involved in developing smart services for the Trentino Municipality, which will be among the hosts of the Winter Olympics in 2026.
The first project, the Sustainable Mobility Plan for the Municipality of Baselga di Piné, which involves the installation of 52 electric vehicle charging points within the next five years, is underway.

Today, the Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, Valerio Marra, and the mayor of Baselga di Piné, Alessandro Santuari, signed an agreement part of a mid-term strategic partnership that marks the start of the Trentino Municipality’s environmental transition development plan. Acea Innovation – company part of the Acea Group specializing in planning and implementing projects, products, innovative smart technological services and solutions aimed at reducing the impact on the environment in name of energy efficiency and circular economy – will support the Municipal Administration during the implementation of projects dedicated to customers, businesses, and the tourist, hotel, and sports sectors.

In line with the strategic transition plan that Italy is required to implement to comply with the sustainability goals in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the partnership’s first step is the development of the Sustainable Mobility Plan, which involves installing 52 interoperable electric vehicle charging points within the next five years in the Municipality’s territory. The initiative is part of the organic process of integrated development of energy and waste transition projects, which also involves local stakeholders in view of the role the Municipality will play as one of the hosts of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Valerio Marra, Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, said: “We are particularly proud of being part of this strategic partnership with the Municipality of Baselga di Piné and involved in the environmental transition of this extraordinary territory. The entire project is absolutely coherent with Acea Innovation’s mission and in line with our strategy which includes supporting public and private entities, customers, and businesses in implementing high-tech solutions aimed at facilitating the green transition”.

The mayor of Baselga di Piné, Alessandro Santuari, said: “The future will reward those able to address social and energy sustainability issues. Today we signed the start of a very important strategic partnership for our territory, one that will be able to meet the expectations we have for the 2026 Olympics. The combination of tradition, vision, and technology will lead to delivering an efficient environmental transition for our territory.”


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