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The strategic partnership refers to the collaboration between Acea Innovation and the Municipality of Taranto to develop an energy and circular economy plan

The Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, Valerio Marra, and the Mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, signed a memorandum of understanding to start a strategic partnership for the environmental transition of the City of Taranto.

The memorandum of understanding, valid for five years, is a concrete contribution to the implementation of the Strategic Transition Plan for a resilient Taranto in 2030, known as “Ecosistema Taranto”, and will have a wide impact in relation to electric mobility, circular economy, energy efficiency, and technology innovation solutions, thanks to research, development and the implementation of integrated services in support of the environmental transition process.

With this memorandum of understanding, during the five years from 2021 to 2026, Acea Innovation will work closely with the Municipal Administration of the City to develop strategic planning for short and mid-term actions in execution of transition plans in the sectors described above, which will also involve bodies and companies from the different sectors who already operate in the area, by designing, planning, implementing, and managing services, work, and infrastructures. One of the first interventions planned is the development of the sustainable mobility plan and the installation of 80 electric charging points over the next two years. In the short term, the partnership will also involve integrated renovation projects in areas identified by the Administration, which will act as pilot projects in view of further mid-term interventions across the territory.

The memorandum, which consolidates a well-established relationship between the parties, may also involve energy efficiency projects on municipal buildings and plants, in preparation for the “Mediterranean Games”, the international event which will be held in Taranto in 2026.

Valerio Marra, Chief Executive of Acea Innovation, said: “We are very happy to collaborate as strategic partner in the environmental transition plan of the Municipality of Taranto, who is involved in green economy and sustainable development projects for the local community, an approach shared by the Acea Group. In fact, sustainability is an essential part of Acea’s Business Plan. This agreement is also an opportunity to further strengthen the Group’s presence in the South of Italy, a crucial area for growth strategies. We are confident that this collaboration with the Municipality of Taranto, based on the objectives and values we share, will lead to important results for the local communities and create a model that can be replicated on a national level”.

The Mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, said: “The attention that is being shown to our City by such a solid group as Acea and its interest in our “Ecosistema Taranto” transition plan define the work we are carrying out with passion and conviction to redesign our local economy model: we honor our commitment to the citizens of Taranto by choosing a partner able to support us in this process in order to reach results that show how important it is to radically rethink a territory like ours, so heavily affected by the presence of large industries. In the short term, the memorandum with Acea Innovation will allow to improve the City’s performance in terms of alternative mobility but will also be the foundation for further sustainability-based projects, destined to involve companies part of the Kyma group”.


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