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The contest, developed as part of the work-related learning program and launched in digital mode, involved 480 students from 4 different regions

This edition’s topic was “Protecting natural ecosystems in sustainable and innovative ways”

Once again this year, Acea awarded the students who won the “GenerAzione Digitale” contest, the project promoted by the multiutility company in collaboration with Consorzio ELIS, as part of the work-related learning program dedicated to training and orienting students.

In the presence of CEO Giuseppe Gola and President Michaela Castelli, three teams of ten students, all attending online, received the award for their original and innovative works, inspired by new models of sustainable development: team Nefti with the project “A more useful Tiber” to produce energy using the river’s water; team ECOciqua, who created an  app and a eco-collection system, a smart way to collect urban waste; and the Rest@rt Team, who devised a system to map electric charging points, to make the service more efficient, and a new virtual currency, the carbon point, to encourage plastic recycling as well as the use of electric cars.

A special recognition went to the “Scuola intelligente (Smart School)” team, whose project will be implemented by ACEA taking on board student proposals, all aimed at transforming schools in self-sufficient and eco-sustainable spaces. Among them, the installation of electric charging points and solar panels, the introduction of rechargeable pens, reusable water bottles, and water dispensers to reduce plastic waste.

This year’s edition, dedicated to “Protecting natural ecosystems in sustainable and innovative ways”, was organized as a creative marathon, the “Digital Creathon”, during which students, supported by facilitators from Team ELIS and Acea technicians and sustainability experts, Sustainability Ambassadors, experimented all work stages in digital mode, developing innovative ideas and creative solutions.

480 fourth and fifth-year students were involved from 12 technical vocational institutes in Lazio, Umbria, Campania and Tuscany, the regions in which the Acea Group primarily operates. Each team was formed of ten students from different regions and schools, in order to encourage a greater exchange of experiences and know-how.

The internal jury, presided by Giovanni Papaleo, Chief Operating Officer of Acea Group, said that “with this initiative the Acea Group aims to promote sustainability by encouraging and supporting a new generation of citizens and professionals more aware and considerate of environmental issues”.

The date chosen for the end of the 2021 edition of “GenerAzione Digitale” is the day before World Environment Day, whose theme this year is “Ecosystem Restoration”. A way of reiterating Acea Group’s commitment to projects that teach new generations about sustainability and encourage the positive interaction between school and business, fueled by student creativity and experience form the world of work.


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