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The national campaign that evokes over one century of the Group’s history combining tradition with the challenges of the future, launches today

Acea’s new campaign that, using compelling visuals, evokes the evolution of over a century of the Group’s history, launches today highlighting how sustainability and innovation have always been at the basis of the objectives of the Business Plan of the various Company activities.

“The future is our environment” synthesizes the vision of the Group that, thanks to its extensive experience and successful past, based its 2020-2024 Business Plan on sustainability and innovation, investing 2.1 billion (on a total investment of 4.7 billion) on sustainability targets and 615 million on innovation projects.

The campaign, planned and created entirely by the Company, aims to strengthen its brand perception among the public, and institutional stakeholders and shareholders in particular, and will be on air until the end of May with high visibility on all national newspapers, magazines, and digital media.


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