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Up to 2000 jabs per day can be administered at the Fornace and Autoparco company sites in Rome

Acea is pledging to boost the Covid-19 vaccine plan coordinated by the Health Ministry by offering its support to all institutions, beginning with the Regional Administration of Latium. In particular, the Company has offered two company sites in the capital city for use as vaccination hubs, where up to 2000 jabs a day could be administered to staff and ordinary citizens.
The “La Fornace” Congress Center, located in the Tor di Valle area, is easy to reach from the Ring Road and the city center in Rome. Nearly 1700 square meters of surface area have been offered to the regional health authorities and the vaccination capacity could approach 1000 doses per day.
Furthermore, the company is setting up a second vaccination hub in its company Autoparco facilities in Piazzale Ostense with completion scheduled for the end of April. The dedicated area for administering jabs will be smaller, but will operate seven days a week, with 12-, 16- or even 24-hour shifts, to enable up to 1000 doses per day.
Acea is setting up these areas to handle and offer all vaccines currently available in Italy, including the Pfizer-Biontech jab, which requires a strict protocol for storage, with special refrigerators where the doses can be stored at up to -90°C.
Since the beginning of the health emergency, Acea has put in place practical initiatives to guarantee the safety of citizen and its staff, while maintaining full operational efficiency. For example, it administered over 5,000 serum tests, swabs and quick saliva tests as part of its preventative measures for Health & Safety at the Workplace. Furthermore, since the outset of the pandemic, Acea insured over 15,000 employees and families with a specific Covid policy. All this resulted in the “Biosafety Trust” (RINA), certification in recognition of the company's actions to manage the risk of infections, including Covid-19.



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