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Films and images, the story of an actor who created an Italian myth

To celebrate 100 years since the birth of Alberto Sordi, Acea sponsors an exhibition dedicated to the great Roman actor: “Alberto Sordi 1920-2020”. The exhibition, held between March and June, traces the life and artistic career of the actor offering a view on Italian history, on the backdrop of the home/museum in Piazzale Numa Pompilio, which will be open to the public for the first time.

The project, promoted by Fondazione Museo Alberto Sordi and curated by Alessandro Nicosia’s COR, aims to put together, thanks to meticulous research and engaging narrative, the portrait of the man and the artist. The exhibition follows two parallel paths, the private Sordi and the public Sordi: actor, voice-over artist, director, screenwriter, singer, musician and composer. A kind of individual and collective biography that thanks to cinema becomes part of everyone’s heritage and in particular a part of Rome’s heritage.

“For Acea, who has always collaborated with the most prestigious cultural institutions in the Capital, this is an important occasion to contribute to remembering Alberto Sordi. The 100-year recurrence – said Massimiliano Paolucci, Director of External Relations and Communication at ACEA – coincides with other important milestones such as, in 2019, the 110th anniversary of Acea, born from the enlightened efforts of mayor Ernesto Nathan and the inspiration of councilor Giovanni Montemartini, and 100 years of Garbatella, the neighborhood in which Alberto Sordi and his sisters lived for many years. By supporting this exhibition, Acea wants to promote an initiative that as well as remembering one of the most representative actors in Italian cinema, who was also very much appreciated abroad, so much so that President Eisenhower made him honorary citizen of Kansas City, mentioned by Sordi in one of his famous films, also celebrates part of the history of Italy and Rome, a city with which Acea has a strong bond”.


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