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Acea’s Business Plan envisages the installation by 2024 of overall 2,200 charging stations, including more than 2,000 in Rome

Within the framework of Roma Capitale’s Electric Mobility Plan, the Conference on Services has approved Acea’s project launching the installation, during this initial phase, of more than 100 electric vehicle charging points throughout the city. The project forms part of the electric mobility sector development plan that the company intends to implement over the coming years; in fact, in the recently approved 2020-2024 Business Plan the Group has provided for the installation, by 2024, of 2,200 EV charging stations, of which over 2,000 in Rome, with a total investment of 29 million Euro.

The first 100 charging points, which will be installed in Rome during the next few months, will distribute energy generated exclusively from renewable sources utilising two different technologies, one “Quick” alternating current technology for standard charging, the other using “Fast” direct current, for a more rapid and efficient charge. The decision regarding the areas where the charging stations are to be located has been based on a study enabling identification of zones in the Capital with the highest request on the part of users, with a view to promoting the widespread geographical distribution of the infrastructure and the most extensive use on the part of citizens.

Implementation of the charging stations will be carried out by Acea Innovation, the Group company that handles the operation of charging infrastructures (Charge Point Operator) and which recently acquired “Electric Drive Italia”, a firm specialised in the design and construction of ICT management platforms for the supply of electric mobility services.

Acea’s interest in the sector of electric mobility is not just limited to the territory of Rome. Umbria Energy, a Group company operating in Umbria, in the capacity as agent for a group of businesses was awarded the tender called by the municipality of Terni providing for the installation within the municipal area of 46 charging stations.

Giuseppe Gola, Acea Group Chief Executive Officer commented: “During the coming years we shall be carrying out major investments in electric mobility with the aim of becoming one of the leading e-mobility players in Rome, but we are also looking with interest beyond the boundaries of the Capital. Our entry into this market reflects our strategy aimed at supporting the energy transition and promoting the development of sustainable mobility, particularly within the large urban centres where environmental impact is stronger, in keeping with the Green Deal objectives and the values pursued by the company. In order to facilitate this transition it is essential to develop widespread charging infrastructures in our towns, supported by a distribution network that is intelligent, flexible and resilient. This path could only start from Rome, the city with which we are historically associated and where Acea has always contributed to the expansion of water and electrical infrastructures”.


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