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40,000 Smart Meters have already been installed and today the launch of an informative campaign explains the advantages of the new devices

Areti, the electricity distribution company part of the Acea Group, plans to install more than 2 million new meters: an investment worth approximately €300 million.

In Rome, the plan to replace electricity meters with second generation smart meters continues. The installation of the new devices started in October and currently there are already 40,000 Smart Meters operating in the IX Municipality. The new informative campaign launched today aims to explain the benefits offered by these new devices and encourage citizens to have them installed. The online and billboard campaign, as well as the installation operations, will continue in the remaining 14 Municipalities of the Capital.

The project to install second generation meter readers (PMS2) managed by Areti, the electricity distribution company part of the Acea Group, includes the installation of over 2 million new meters and an investment of €300 million. The project, which has already been approved by Arera (Authority for the Regulation of Energy, Networks and Environment), will run for 15 years, between 2020 and 2034, and includes the replacement of the current first generation meter readers (1G) with 2G Smart Meters for all Areti customers.

The replacement of the old meters marks the launch of new 2G electricity network technology across Rome and its territory, with significant advantages for users and providers and distributors. Thanks to a meter reading system that provides data every 15 minutes, all customers who have 2G Smart Meters will be able to monitor consumptions and adjust their domestic habits accordingly. The new system will facilitate the use of advanced services to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment. The new technologies will also allow to identify more efficiently any issues with local networks and meters, reducing downtime and inconvenience to customers.


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