Press Releases

The Shareholders of Servizi Idrici Integrati ScPA, integrated water service operator for 32 municipalities in the Province of Terni (Umbria Integrated Water Authority ATI4) today held an Extraordinary General Meeting. The EGM approved some amendments to the company’s articles of association. At the end of the Meeting, an agreement was finalised for the sale of quotas by ASM, an operating shareholder controlled by the Terni municipality, to Umbriadue, a company owned by ACEA. The increase from 25% to 40% in the stake held by Umbriadue, together with the amendment to the articles of association, enables the full consolidation of the company, hitherto carried at equity, in ACEA’s financial statements.

The EGM’s resolution comes within the positive framework of industrial collaboration between ACEA and the Institutions representing the municipalities in the Province of Terni, from a perspective of sustainable growth and development.


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