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Bad weather conditions caused damage to the water mains in a mountain area not reachable with mechanical vehicles, leaving three Municipalities without water.

A landslide crushes water mains, Acea Ato 5 teams at work with shovels to remove rubble and repair the damage.
The extreme weather conditions that over the last few hours hit the province of Frosinone, and in particular the Comino Valley, has caused flooding and landslides and destroyed a road near the bridge that connects Villa Latina and Picinisco.
The storm caused significant damage and problems to Canneto’s water mains, which serve Settefrati, Gallinaro, and San Donato Valcomino, and have a capacity of 37 liters per second.
The abundant rain that fell last week between Wednesday and Thursday night caused a landslide in the mountain area damaging a part of the mains and leaving the municipalities of Settefrati, San Donato and Gallinaro without water.
The issue management systems immediately alerted Acea Ato 5 Operations Center who organized the first inspection of the area and started repair interventions. The job required the involvement of two teams of engineers and other support staff to safely reach the area, identify the leak, set up the work site, and start repairs.
Works turned out to be particularly complex due to the fact that the mountain area where the damage occurred was badly affected by the weather and inaccessible to the mechanical vehicles required to dig and repair the damage. Therefore, Acea Ato 5 engineers had to dig by hand while complying with safety regulations to remove the debris dragged by the force of the water and reach the damaged part of the water mains. A long and difficult job that took the teams almost the whole of Thursday.
In the evening, at last, efforts were rewarded, and water mains were repaired. However, it was not until well into the night, when pipes and systems filled up with water again, that the service was able to resume, so users had water running normally on Friday morning.
Due to the cause of the damage, in some cases water was found to be cloudy and the incidents were immediately reported to the local authorities of the areas affected. In all cases, the necessary checks of the water network and laboratory tests on samples have been carried out to ensure quality standards are met.
The weather has caused damage also to a secondary part of the water distribution system that serves the Municipality of Picinisco. In this case, Acea Ato 5 teams and workers of the companies in charge of the repairs are currently working to solve all problems.


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