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The initiative presented on the occasion of Ecomondo 2020 will consist in the creation of an online platform thanks to which bodies and universities will be able to share the use of research laboratories and advanced equipment

Acea and Enea, on the occasion of Ecomondo 2020, the Green Economy trade fair held in Rimini, which this year will be an entirely digital event, start LabSharing, the project aimed at sharing laboratories, technologies, and know-how to promote environmental research and monitoring, with an open approach to the world of innovation and sustainability. Thanks to this initiative, which uses a dedicated online platform, even third parties will be able to request the use of its state-of-the-art structure and scientific support in the complex field of environmental monitoring. Analysis will mainly focus on the status and quality of water, air, soil, and ecosystems, as well as measuring indicators and pressure on the environment associated with discharges, waste, contaminated sites and emissions. Labsharing was born from the “Acea Open Asset” initiative, dedicated to the company's Open Innovation activities.

The agreement between Acea - multiutility that manages and develops networks and services in the water, energy and environmental sector, and is the main water provider in Italy - and Enea – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development - will create a scientific and technological hub for environmental protection and monitoring. All with the aim of attracting the interest of Research Bodies and Universities, offering easy and ample access to the best analysis technologies, thanks to a synergy between state-of-the-art equipment, experience and know-how, such as that offered by Acea Elabori in Grottarossa, in Rome, and Enea laboratories across the country.

LabSharing is the result of the collaboration between Enea and Acea, which started in 2019 with the aim of bringing value to their respective assets by sharing them with the outside world. With this initiative Acea consolidates its role as catalyst in open innovation and technological development processes. This project, which the Company launches in collaboration with a partner such as Enea, a leader in the world of science, has the objective of sharing high-level expertise to help and support research and protect the environment.


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