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The initiative was organized by ASviS for the Sustainable Development Festival

On the occasion of the fourth edition of the Sustainable Development Festival organized by ASviS, ACEA projected the symbols of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified in the UN 2030 Agenda on the Pyramid of Cestius. The light switch-on event was attended by Acea CEO Giuseppe Gola, the President of the Ethics and Sustainability Committee and ACEA Group Board Member, Gabriella Chiellino, and Professor Enrico Giovannini, spokesman for ASviS, Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.

The projection was made using low consumption LED beams, reiterating the Multiutility’s commitment to sustainability values and objectives.

“This evening – said the President of ACEA Michaela Castelli – we are projecting the symbols of the Sustainable Development Goals included in the UN 2030 Agenda to contribute, together with ASviS, to raising awareness of sustainability. Promoting behaviors and development models in line with these objectives is something towards which authorities, businesses and individuals must work together. Multiutility companies can play a central role in the areas in which they operate, as their activities are intricately linked with the everyday lives of the people who live in those areas. ACEA’s businesses have always strived for sustainable development, respecting the environment, promoting innovation, inclusiveness, and contributing to contrast climate change”.

“The Acea Business Plan includes investments aimed at its sustainability objectives identified in the UN 2030 Agenda – said CEO Giuseppe Gola. In particular, it includes plans to increase the resilience of its electricity and water infrastructures by introducing IoT and remote control technology and activities aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions, contributing to the fight against climate change. It also includes important investment plans in terms of circular economy with the development and acquisition of new waste management plants”.

“The artistic projection of the 17 SDGs on the Pyramid of Cestius in Rome is one of the most significant initiatives of the awareness campaign that we have been promoting for four years with the Sustainable Development Festival, a unique event at both national and international level, which reaches across Italy and the world, and this year includes more than 600 events”, said Enrico Giovannini, spokesman for ASviS. “The Festival, which will last until October 8, is our effort to promote a sustainability culture starting from the local communities and from the cities. Therefore, I thank Acea and the City of Rome for their help in the organization of the event and their contribute towards the Festival’s mission.


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