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The Park of the Aurelian Walls has a new lighting system. Yesterday evening, Mayor Virginia Raggi inaugurated the new artistic lighting system provided by the City of Rome and Acea. The previous lighting system, outdated and damaged by vandals, was renewed by replacing the old lighting points with next-generation high color rendering and energy saving LED lights. At night, the system shines new light on the Roman fortification thanks to the installation of 78 recessed projectors, pointing directly to the walls, and 47 step lights that mark the pedestrian routes inside the Park in the section between Piazzale Metronio and Via Numidia.

Also this new artistic lighting system, installed in compliance with the guidelines issued by Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome and the Superintendency of the Capital, is equipped with a remote control which allows to manage all lights quickly and efficiently. The project offers benefits also in terms of sustainability, as the new LED projectors consume almost 50% less energy, using 5103 W instead of 9825 W.

The renovation carried out by Acea in this urban area, which has a huge archaeological value, is part of a larger project, funded by the City of Rome, that aims to create a green route across the large parks in the South East of the Capital, such as the Appian Way Park and the Park of the Caffarella, linking gardens and tree-lined avenues, and regenerating the area along the old walls of the City of Rome.

“The light shines once again on one of the most enchanting sections of the Aurelian Walls. The new lighting system is dedicated to the park, its visitors, and the citizens of Rome, who can now enjoy this important and prestigious urban space safely, even at night.  Renovation in this area of great historic and architectural value had been long due. The Park of the Aurelian Walls is one of the key parts of our Green Ring project, aimed at connecting all the Capital’s green areas. Thanks to Acea, with whom we are collaborating to shine new light on the monuments, piazzas, and fountains of Rome, we are delivering projects that add great cultural and touristic value to our city’s heritage, with the use of innovative technologies, and in name of sustainability”, said the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.

“The lighting project involving the park and the Roman walls that delimit it, was carried out following innovative and sustainable criteria – said the Chief Operating Officer of Acea, Giovanni Papaleo. Thanks to the use of LED lights, ACEA has managed to combine low energy consumption with urban renovation, and safety with the livability of pedestrian areas. It is one of many stages of a larger renovation plan that we have been working on for years and that aims to help add value not just to the city's artistic heritage, but also to parks, piazzas and all those places that are part of the community life in which Acea has been operating for over one hundred years”.

The most recent initiatives carried out by Roma Capitale and the Acea Group include the artistic lighting system of Piazza del Popolo, the Pantheon, the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, the Old Town of Ostia Antica, the Theater of Marcellus, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Dome of the Great Synagogue, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, and Piazza del Campidoglio.


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