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Water Provider and Local Authorities review the town’s water service.
1.2 million euros invested over the past two years

An important meeting between the town’s Mayor and Acea Ato 5 top management was held at the Municipal Building in Anagni. The friendly and collaborative meeting was an opportunity to review some aspects of the water service management in the town. In addition to Mayor Daniele Natalia, the meeting was attended by the Commander of the Local Police and the Head of the Municipal Technical Office. Acea Ato 5 was represented by President Pierluigi Palmigiani and the Head of Meter To Cash and Credit Unit.

The Mayor started by expressing his appreciation for the resolution of the year-long issue involving the densely-populated area of San Bartolomeo, where thanks to the collaborative work of the Water Provider, the Local Authorities, Otuc and Ato 5 Technical and Operations Secretariat, the position of hundreds of users who had never been registered before was regularized and they were included in the plans for the verification and control of the quality of the water supplied.

Acea Ato 5 clarified that the work in the San Bartolomeo area has yet to be completed, as the improvements to the water treatment service are still ongoing, but will be finished by the end of this year. In fact, the authorization process to build a new modular water treatment facility (for a total investment of 61,000 euros) is currently underway.

The meeting covered a number of different points. From a strictly technical point of view, the Municipality highlighted the need to build a new inter-municipal water treatment facility in the industrial area, for which Government funds (6 million euros) have already been approved; it also asked the Provider to accelerate the work on the project involving 100 meters of the sewage system in Via Gimignani, and to replace the old water system at the Tufano junction on the provincial road, which requires constant repairs. Acea Ato 5 said it was prepared to consider including these interventions in the work schedule, currently under review by Sto, and also committed to greater attention to the renovation projects in areas where work is carried out by subcontractors.

Over the last year, Acea Ato 5 has invested significantly in improving the water supply and sewage network and facilities in Anagni: it built a new well in La Sala, in order to limit water shortages during the summer and drought periods; work on increasing the capacity of the Tufano water system is currently underway, to guarantee sufficient water supply in view of the closure of the Fabrateria Vetus wells in Ceccano. Parts of the water supply network have also been renovated: in Via Badia, Via Belvedere and Via San Magno; work is ongoing in Via Monte Marino, where the network is being extended as well as renovated. In this case, the total investment is 770,000 euro.

Additionally, work worth 370,000 euro was carried out over the past two years (2018-2019).

As for the sewage and water treatment systems, two significant projects have been scheduled. The first is the connection to the main sewage network in Via Cuti (expropriations are underway); the second is the water treatment plant in Ponte Piano, which is now in the detailed technical design phase.

During the meeting, the Municipality agreed enthusiastically to the proposal put forward by Acea Ato 5 to launch an informative campaign on the water bonus, which can provide a significant discount and help families experiencing financial difficulties.

The meeting ended with the Water Provider and the Municipality agreeing to collaborate closely to resolve all water service issues in Anagni.


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