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Focusing on energy efficiency to completely transform buildings with the aim of protecting the environment. This is what has been established in the new agreement signed by Ance Roma (ACER) - Association of Builders and Constructor of Rome and its Province - and Ecogena, Energy Service Company part of the Acea Group, specializing in energy efficiency solutions and advanced technology for the combined production of thermal and electric energy.

The objective is to draw, develop and implement a plan to upgrade the buildings in the Capital – residential condominiums and buildings for production use – using the Sismabonus and Ecobonus incentive assignment mechanism.

By signing the protocol, Ecogena, Ance Roma and associated businesses have undertaken to develop together analysis and opportunity evaluation activities focusing on energy efficiency for buildings. The company part of the ACEA Group will manage the preliminary and executive planning, as well as coordinate and take care of the financial aspects of the entire project, while other companies will be involved from time to time as constructors and service providers.

“The activities involving energy efficiency for residential condominiums and buildings for production use, carried out thanks to the legislative incentives Ecobonus and Sismabonus and their propaedeutic and connected works, represent a great opportunity for those living in condominiums as they will benefit from extremely favorable prices to redevelop their buildings, as well as an important development opportunity for the industry to create new jobs with concrete implications for sustainability and the environment”, said the President of ANCE Roma - ACER Nicolò Rebecchini.

The President of Ecogena, Francesco Del Pizzo, said: “Sustainability and energy efficiency are two guidelines followed by the entire Acea Group and this agreement is part of this approach. With this initiative ACEA reiterates its commitment to citizens by renovating buildings and making a positive impact on the local community”.


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