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This year the Acea Group will once again sponsor the Valentine's Day Marathon – which has reached its 10th edition – to be held in Terni on Sunday 16 February. The run is not just one of the most prestigious events in FIDAL’s calendar, it is also a great opportunity to highlight the beauties of the local territory, as runners will pass in front of the Basilica of Saint Valentine – patron saint of the city – and the Marmore Falls, and through the Municipalities of Ferentillo, Arrone and Montefranco. Acea’s Valentine’s Day Marathon, organized by sports group Amatori Podistica Terni, is divided in three routes, two for competitors (42 and 21 km) and one for families (5 km “Family Run” ), all winding their way through the Valnerina area.

Between 14 and 16 February, runners and visitors will also be able to freely access the Terni Marathon Village, where events and performances will be held. Acea Ambiente will set up a stand inside the village to divulge information about the Company’s approach to sustainability and circular economy.

For the Acea Group, operating in the area with the companies Acea Ambiente, Umbra Acque, Sii, Umbria Due and Umbria Energy, this is an important opportunity to strengthen its bond with the community through an event that combines the positive values of sport and sustainability. The Group's commitment will extend beyond the Acea Valentine's Day Marathon, supporting other initiatives, such as the “Maratona delle Acque” (Water Marathon) and the “Circuito dell’Acciaio” (Steel Circuit), both scheduled later this year in the city of Terni.


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