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In 2020, Acea will once again be title sponsor of the Rome Marathon, which this year has been completely renewed, starting from its name: Acea Run Rome The Marathon. This year’s novelties include Acea Run4Rome, a four-runner relay held for the first time in this edition, which will increase the number of participants in the Capital’s two-day running event.

The presence of the Acea Group at such an important sports event for the Capital and for the world of sport, is testament to the strong bond between the Company and the City of Rome and to its earnest support to a prominent international sports event in which all participants, citizens and professional runners from all around the world, have the chance to experience the over 42-kilometer route across the center of Rome, in name of sport, environment and culture. Three values that characterize Acea’s commitment to the territory and are in line with the Company’s principles of corporate social responsibility.

“It's an honor to reiterate the Company’s support for Acea Run Rome The Marathon, a fantastic race that in this 2020 edition combines tradition and novelty. The company recognizes the values of sport and participation as its own and, once again, this year associates its name to this event, widely regarded as one of the most popular national sports events and one of the most appreciated across the world. For Acea this has been a tradition for over twenty years; proof of the strong bond between the Company and the territory. Acea was founded in Rome exactly 110 years ago and its relationship with this beautiful city is deeply rooted” said Acea's President Michaela Castelli during a press conference held this morning to present Acea Run Rome The Marathon.


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